A Fence Is Only As Strong As Its Posts!

When choosing a fence to have installed by a fence contractor, customers usually concern themselves more with the looks of the fence than anything else.

Although this is normal, fencing contractors must also stress the importance of the fence posts and their critical role in the installation.

A fence can only be as strong and sturdy as the parts holding it up, those parts being the posts.

An experienced fence company will recommend the best post size for the installation and how they should be put in for the most structurally sound installation.

What Is The Role of Posts in Fencing Installations?

While there are different types of posts that correspond with the different types of fencing that fence contractors install, they all serve the same purpose.

Posts must be strong enough to support the weight of the fence and installed properly to prevent the fence from sagging or falling over.

Installation practices may differ depending on the fence, its height, and its weight, with heavier and taller fences requiring posts to be set deeper so they can provide greater stability. 

How Should Posts Be Set In The Ground?

Metal tubes or posts used for chain link, metal bars, and other metal installations must be set in cement for them to be supportive and prevent the posts from sliding out of the ground.

Wood posts used for wood and PVC fences may be set directly into the ground in some cases but may require cementing in others depending on the consistency of the soil.

Posts made of brick or stone to support metal bars or ornamental metal fences can be built directly on the ground, but require careful constriction so they are structurally sound. 

How Deep Should Posts Be Set?

When setting posts, the heavier the fence is, the deeper the fence company must set the posts so they remain stable.

Fencing contractors will set posts 20” to 24” at the minimum, with some opting to set longer posts even deeper on a heavier fence, or if soil conditions warrant it. 

What Close Together Should Posts Be Set?

Another factor that can vary depending on the size, height, and weight of the fence is post spacing.

Most fences are made from sections that are between 6 and 10 feet in length depending on the type and style of the fence.

In situations that require it, a fence contractor will opt to install shorter sections held up by more posts as opposed to choosing the opposite. 

What Does All This Mean?

Installing a fence involves the same basic post-setting process, regardless of the type of fence being put in.

A fence company will change its approach when variables such as fence weight and height, soil makeup, and other conditions warrant it.

To ensure a sturdy installation that will stand strong for years to come, fencing contractors recommend not skimping on the most important part of the whole installation - the fence posts!