Avoid Commercial Roof Leaks By First Knowing the Causes!

A leak in the expansive roof atop a large commercial building can cause extensive damage before it is located and repaired.

That said, the best suggestion from commercial roofing contractors for avoiding leaks is knowing what causes them.

When dealing with commercial roofing and the potential problems that can occur, prevention is the best medicine.

What Are The Most Common Reasons for Leaks on Commercial Roofs?

Commercial roofing services find these to be the most common causes of leaks that building owners can look out for by doing periodic walking inspections on the tops of their roofs.

  • Improper Sealing - Whether commercial roofing companies install a built-up roof, a membrane, or any other system on a large building, if the system is not properly sealed, leaks will occur. Sealing issues occur anywhere there is a protrusion, a corner, at the edges of the membrane, and where membranes are joined together.  
  • Damaged or Poorly Designed Membranes - Any type of damage to the membrane such as perforations, UV damage, or deterioration due to water pooling can cause leaks in those weakened spots. Poorly designed, or lesser-quality membranes that cannot withstand weather conditions are especially susceptible to leaking. This is especially the case with regard to UV damage like dry rot that can happen in climates that experience excessive heat.
  • Damaged or Missing Flashing - The flashing and pipe boots installed by commercial roofing contractors are essential components that protect roofing edges around protrusions, corners, and edges throughout the installation. When these are damaged, or worse yet, fall off, that protection is no longer there. Areas under damaged or missing flashing are some of the most common places where commercial roofers find substantial damage caused by leaks. 
  • Water Ponding - Ponding is what happens when commercial roofing services do not properly level and smooth a BUR or membrane roof and water collects in the low spots. Over time, as those spots continue to hold water, rotting and waterlogging can occur, eventually destroying the membrane and waterproofing. Unrealized leaks that cause extensive damage are common in places where ponding occurs. 
  • Old Age - Every installation made by a commercial roofing company has a life expectancy. The closer the installation gets to its expected age, the greater the chance that leaks will happen. As materials suffer UV damage and other issues, waterproofing qualities are commonly affected. 

Prevent Commercial Roof Leaks With Observation and Maintenance

Noting these 5 common causes of commercial roof leaks, commercial roofing services believe that prevention is as easy as being observant and providing good maintenance.

Inspect the roof routinely, and at the first sign of any of these issues, reach out to a commercial roofing contractor who can make the appropriate repairs.

Noticing problems before they cause widespread damage is in every building owner’s best interest!