Facts About Asphalt Roofing and Why It’s a Great Choice!

Among all the different materials that are used for residential roofing, asphalt shingles are the most popular by far.

There are asphalt roof contractors in every community and the selection of these materials is broad.

Why do so many homeowners and asphalt roofing contractors recommend shingles for residential roofs?

These facts about asphalt shingles will have you ready to contact your local asphalt roofing service to arrange your new roof!

  • Long Lifespan - For their cost, high-quality shingles that are professionally installed by asphalt roof contractors are extremely durable, with long lifespans. Most mid to premium-quality shingles will last anywhere from 25 to 50 years depending on the product. 
  • Multiple Grades - Asphalt roofing contractors have access to three grades of shingle products to serve different needs and different budgets. 3-tab flat shingles are the most economical and suitable for everything from sheds and garages to complete residential roofs. Higher-quality dimensional shingles are more durable and last much longer. Luxury shingles that mimic the looks of other more expensive materials like wood, slate, and tile are a premium choice offered by most asphalt roof contractors, too.  
  • Countless Styles and Colors - Today, asphalt roofing contractors can install shingles in a style, color, and shade to match any architectural style and exterior house color.
  • Premium Features - High-quality, luxury shingles sold by top asphalt roofing services offer many premium features including high impact resistance and wind resistance for storm-prone areas, fire resistance, and extra UV protection for enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Low Maintenance - In comparison to many other types of roofs, the shingles installed by asphalt roofing services require relatively low maintenance to keep them looking good and performing well.
  • Affordable and Cost-Effective - Overall, considering the many benefits that asphalt shingles offer, they are a cost-effective option to other more expensive materials while providing long, durable service. For most homeowners seeking the best protection at the lowest prices, a roof installed by an experienced asphalt roof contractor can be a superb choice.

Noting these and many other benefits offered by asphalt shingles, it is no wonder why they are the choice of so many homeowners year after year.

And with so many new and higher-performing products being made available every year, homeowners looking for a real bargain should consult with a local asphalt roofing contractor first before choosing any other type of roof.

A reliable and experienced asphalt roof contractor can find the perfect type, style, color, and quality shingles to satisfy every homeowner’s wants, needs, and budget!