Great Reasons to Choose Drone Roof Inspections!

Regular inspections by professional roof companies are an essential part of good maintenance and prolonging the life span of any roofing installation.

Typically, detailed inspections require roof contractors to go up on top of the house or building to get a closer look at all parts of the roof, but there are definitely some downsides to doing so.

These days, more roofers now are turning to drone inspections since it gives them a bird’s eye view of roofs with a number of added benefits.

  1. Safety - The main benefit that drone inspections provide is total safety, as there is no need for anyone to climb a ladder or scaffolding to get up to the top of the house or building. Drones can be flown over and around roofs as close or far as necessary to capture needed video footage, reaching even the most difficult peaks and corners with ease and safety.
  2. Accuracy - Since drones can easily go places that are frequently difficult for roof contractors to reach on their own, the inspection can be more thorough and accurate. It is easier for contractors to inspect every corner of roofs, giving them a more accurate impression of condition or problems that require repairs. 
  3. Less Time-Consuming - Flying a drone over roofs allows roof companies to complete full inspections in minutes, as opposed to hours. There is no need to set safety gear, ladders, and scaffolding at all as only the drone needs setting up. Drone inspections are especially great for viewing large commercial roofs that would normally take hours to view on foot.
  4. Less Expensive - Since drone inspections can be done so quickly and easily without all of the setup, safety precautions, and the multiple people that must usually be involved, they are less expensive, too. A single person can fly a drone over roofs and record an inspection video. Done manually, inspections typically involve multiple roof contractors to set up and climb to the top of the home or building. All that time, labor, and equipment means a higher cost for the home or building owner. Using a drone, roof companies are able to charge less for this service. 
  5. Easier Work Estimating - Drone inspection footage used with specialty software allows roofers to generate fast, accurate estimates by the way that these programs can measure angles and dimensions of roofs just from the drone-captured videos.

Whether looking for a semi-annual roof inspection, in need of damage repair, or just shopping for a new roof altogether, a drone inspection is a great starting point.

Roof contractors using drones to do their inspections and estimating provide a great service to their customers.