How to Install Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing adds rustic charm to your home and is also less expensive than other fencing options available in the market. This type of fence is simple to construct and easy to maintain. If you wish to add aesthetic appeal to your home, then custom fencing is an appropriate choice for you. Custom fencing allows you to do away with an annoying look and replace it with one which instantly draws attention to your home. Split rail fencing is one of the easiest fences which anybody can install by himself. One of the most important task before embarking on the process of installation is to contact your utility company and with their help locate power and gas lines which are lying beneath your property. After this process is over, next important task before you is to determine how much material is required for your installation so you can purchase it accordingly. For this, you are required to take a measuring tape and carefully measure the area which is to be fenced. You should measure this area twice for making sure that your measurements are accurate.
You can break away from same old fencing designs by opting for custom fencing solutions which reflect your style and taste. This type of fencing allows you to incorporate an open-weave lattice, use different colored fencing materials and add decorative items to the top of fence posts. Moreover, custom fencing complements the architectural structure of your home by its unique shapes and repeated lines.Split rail fencing installation requires you to plan where your first end post will be located. Next, you are required to lay a rail down and measure that length for the next post. Just carry on with this process until you have covered your entire home. While you are taking measurements, it is important to make a note of rising and fall of the ground. Spot inspection will help you to decide in advance where you would like to install each post. Split rail fencing requires you to handle three different types of posts: line posts, end posts and corner posts. For installing corner posts drill holes halfway on the adjoining sides of the posts. For end posts you are required to drill and make holes halfway through on only one side while line posts are drilled all the way through so that rail end can be inserted through each end of the hole in the post.
Do you wish to add personalized look to your home? Then just go ahead with custom fencing ideas like adding metallic accents or fancy handle to your gate which will give your home a personalized look which you had desired. Custom fencing also accommodates specific needs of you and your family. For instance, if you have a pet dog then you can install sturdy fencing which will enable you to keep him in your yard very safely. Or if you have a family member who uses wheel chair then this fence can let them access the latch very easily.
Installing split rail fencing is thus very easy and can be undertaken without facing any problems provided you are armed with requisite knowledge beforehand. Fencing Companies