Some Tips For Doing Roof Inspections

Homeowners who have not performed their roof inspection for last 15 years or more need to get the inspection done at the earliest.

For this purpose, they should hire a roofing specialist.

In case a homeowner wants to do the inspection, then he can also carry out the inspection process with the following tips.

Use Binoculars To Check Roof

A pair of binoculars will be helpful in viewing the obvious trouble areas on a roof like missing shingles, dark spots and misshaped lines in the roofing material.

On the ground, you also need to check downspouts for shingle granules.

Check For Loose or Missing Shingles

After deciding that you will have a closer look at your roof, you first need to check any missing or loose shingles.

The inspection should be done carefully and make sure that you do not step over the shingles.

Check Shingle Granulation

Not only the loose shingles on the roof are bad but you should also check the granulation.

If there is loss of granulation, then the fiberglass mat underneath might get exposed to UV light.

Also check your roof for mold damage, decay, and curling.

Check Status of Roofing Cement

There is a chance that a roofer has used tar or a patch to fix any small problem in your roof which you might see during your close inspection.

The roofing cement used in these patches may only last for a few years, so you need to check these areas carefully.

Check Flashing on Roof

Flashing should also be checked carefully while inspecting the roof.

These metal pieces are very helpful in waterproofing a few spots of the roof such as a skylight, a chimney or smoke stack, vents, or any protruding piping.

Things to look here are tears, buckling or puckering in the material and looseness.

Roofers advise that flashings on chimneys are prone to damage more than other places because the chimney will settle and shift separately from the house.

Check The Chimney

The chimney should be checked against any leaning, damaged bricks and cracked joints and roofing repairs done as appropriate.

In Summary

While inspecting the roof, if you come across any of the above mentioned problems then it is advised that you call an expert roofing contractor who can help you with this problem.