What Emergency Repairs Should Be Made While Awaiting Storm Damage Restoration?

Hurricanes and other severe weather events can cause extensive damage to many of the roofs in areas hit particularly hard during those events.

Considering that there are only so many roof damage emergency repair companies out there to handle all that damage, what should a homeowner do once the storm has passed?

Attempting to mitigate any further destruction by doing some temporary roof damage emergency repairs can help.

Make a call to a roof repair emergency repairs service to get on their list of damage inspections to be done but in the meantime, prevent more damage by applying these temporary emergency roof repairs.

  1. Tarping - Tarping over any areas of damage on the roof is the first emergency repair that a homeowner can try to do themselves when there will be a wait before roof damage emergency repair companies can arrive. Using tarps, 2x4 boards, and a few other supplies, preventing more water or wind damage with this temporary repair is the goal.
  2. Tree Removal - If a tree or large limb has fallen on the house and caused damage, it must be removed before insurance agents can assess the damage and before any roof damage emergency repair services can get to work. Homeowners should not attempt to remove trees or limbs on their own and should instead call a professional tree service that can do it.
  3. Boarding Up - If there are broken windows or doors or holes through the exterior of the home, board them up to secure the home and prevent additional wind or water damage.
  4. Start Drying Things Out - When damage to the roof, windows, or walls has occurred, chances are that there is some water damage inside. After getting approval from the insurance company, start siphoning up water, removing water-damaged items, and pulling up carpet to aid in the drying process.
  5. Contact Utility Services - Storm damage that has resulted in power loss or affected power lines in any way can be especially dangerous. Call the utility company and inform them so they can send a crew to investigate and either turn off the power so electrical repairs can be made or arrange to get it turned back on if things are safe enough to do so.

When big storms pass through, roof damage emergency repair companies must provide services to many homeowners at once in the same neighborhoods.

The time spent waiting can be put to good use by handy homeowners able to do their own temporary roof damage emergency repairs to prevent additional damage during that period.